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ANATOLE is the answer to every 3D tolerance analysis needs within the industry (OEMs and suppliers).

While bringing up the most performing tools to experts, ANATOLE, a tool fully integrated to CATIA streamlines tolerances analysis to enable interoperability with digital mockup.

Thus, engineering can handle and anticipate the whole tolerances analysis issues, using a functional approach.


ANATOLE offers both processes and technology enabling access to sided digital mockup.


ANATOLE 3D is a tolerance analysis software developed in collaboration by DPS and AIRBUS.

Why Anatole 3D?

Tolerancing is used in Design Phase to assess product quality regarding expected manufacturing capabilities.

ANATOLE 3D is the answer to all the requirements in 3D tolerance analysis that principal and contractors face, bringing the following benefits:

  • Good specification of the parts

  • No over-quality in production

  • Optimization of the balance between the manufacturing costs and the quality of the product

ANATOLE 3D enables to calculate 3D stack chain, which is impossible to do by hand calculating.


  • Fully integrated in CATIA

  • Integration of 3D MASTER Annotation, created in the FTA module

  • Usable on DMU not having FTA Annotation

  • Robust and effective solver

  • Worst Case results

  • Statistical Analysis

  • Sensibility Analysis

Dassault Systemes partner
3D tolerancing in CATIA V5 Anatole 3D
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