Dymola from Dynasim, part of the Dassault Systemes Group, is distributed in USA and France by DPS Inc. Dymola includes a simple and practical model creation interface, and a symbolic digital solver for complex Models.


Dymola is based on the  modeling language : 


  • Modeling language (not programming language)

  • Open modeling language maintained and advanced by an international design group (Modelica Association)

  • Acausal modeling

  • Models are described by differential, algebraic ,and discrete equation

  • Object-oriented modeling language (classes, instances, inheritance)

  • Component models


Dymola enables the definition and optimization of dynamic behavior and complex interactions thanks to a simple and practical model creation interface, using a symbolic digital solver for complex models in many areas: Dynamics, Transmission, Hydraulic, Electrical/Electronics Air conditioning, Thermal, Control, Hybrid vehicle 

For more technical information on DYMOLA and the language MODELICA , for some illustrations of possibilities of modelling and digital simulations (hydraulic, thermal of building, air-conditioning, control, articulated systems, ...).

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