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Dymola from Dynasim, part of the Dassault Systemes Group, is distributed in USA and France by DPS Inc. Dymola includes a simple and practical model creation interface, and a symbolic digital solver for complex Models.


Dymola is based on the  modeling language : 


  • Modeling language (not programming language)

  • Open modeling language maintained and advanced by an international design group (Modelica Association)

  • Acausal modeling

  • Models are described by differential, algebraic ,and discrete equation

  • Object-oriented modeling language (classes, instances, inheritance)

  • Component models


Dymola enables the definition and optimization of dynamic behavior and complex interactions thanks to a simple and practical model creation interface, using a symbolic digital solver for complex models in many areas: Dynamics, Transmission, Hydraulic, Electrical/Electronics Air conditioning, Thermal, Control, Hybrid vehicle 

Modelica Dymola
Dassault Systemes DPS VAR
Dymola reseller Dassault VAR Modelica
DYMOLA VAR reseller Dassault Modelica
multi physics modeling simulation

For more technical information on DYMOLA and the language MODELICA , for some illustrations of possibilities of modelling and digital simulations (hydraulic, thermal of building, air-conditioning, control, articulated systems, ...).

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