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FEM Utilities for CATIA features:

       - Core enhanced meshing and modeling functionalities

       - Optional FEA bidirectional gateways to

            1) NASTRAN Bulk 

            2) ANSYS Prep7

            3) IDEAS

CAA V5 Programming Software Development

Manual meshing

Meshing operations on nodes:

    - Creation by coordinates, with two existing nodes and a ratio,...

    - Deletion of nodes

    - Modification of position

    - Condensation on destination nodes


Meshing operations on elements:

    - Creation of 1D, 2D and 3D elements

    - Deletion of elements

    - Modification of elements


Full support of spec–update paradigm:

    - “Manual Mesh Part” feature used to group manuals operations

    - Advanced nodes and elements selection capabilities enable stability of selection during the updates

Semi-automatic meshing

Three families of capabilities:

    - Mesh part operators used to modify the result of a mesh part

    - Meshing by transformation of an existing mesh (including symmetry)

    - Meshing by extrusion of an existing mesh


Very flexible input specifications:

    - Input mesh selection by mesh part, group, BRep or mechanical feature

    - Input mesh can be nodes, 1D elements (or edges), 2D elements (or faces) and 3D elements

    - Implicit geometry characteristics can be used (e.g. the taxis of a cylindrical face)


Supported transformations are translation, rotation, offset, along a spine and projection


Numbering of FEA data

With this feature the user is able to control the numbering used by the FEA interfaces when exporting data.


Logical operations on groups

With this feature the user is able to perform logical operations on groups of nodes or elements. The inputs can be any feature able of selecting nodes or elements, mesh parts, BReps and mechanical features.


Support journaling

Access to all features via VB Scripting

Full integration with KnowledgeWare

FEM utilities : création manuel  de maillage
Fem utiities : codification d'un maillage
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FEM Utilities for CATIA

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