HexaMesh Tools provide CATIA V5 analysis users with a set of tools dedicated to producing hexahedron meshes.

Main features

Manual meshing


Meshing operations on nodes:


  - creation by coordinates, by selection of an existing node or by transformation of existing nodes
  - deletion of nodes
  - modification of position by specifying new coordinates or by applying a transformation
  - condensation on destination nodes


Meshing operations on volume elements:

  - creation by selecting nodes, extrusion of faces of element or transformation of existing 3D
  - deletion of elements
  - splitting of hexahedrons


Full support of spec – update paradigm:

  - “Manual Mesh Part” feature used to group manual operations
  - each manual meshing operation is captured in a feature
  - possibility of selection of advanced nodes and elements enables the stability of selection during the updates

Semi-automatic meshing


Three families of capabilities:

  - mesh part by operators to modify the result of a 3D mesh part

  - meshing by transformation of an existing 3D mesh (including symmetry)

  - meshing by extrusion of an existing 2D mesh


Very flexible input specifications:


  - input mesh selection by mesh part, group, BRep or mechanical feature

  - implicit geometry characteristics can be used (e.g. the axis of a cylindrical face)

Supported transformations are translation, rotation, offset, along a curve and projection


Mesh capture with a tolerance


Uniform, arithmetic and geometric layer distributions


Symmetric layers

Automatic hexahedron meshing

Uses the fully automatic hexahedron mesher KUBRIX


The mesher takes as inputs either a selection of geometries or a selection of triangular meshes


The resulting mesh is associative to the input geometries and can be transparently used in GPS


A local mesh size can be specified using a box



Full integration with GPS
Support of journaling
Access to all capabilities via VB Scripting
Full integration with KnowledgeWare

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