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HexaMesh Tools provide CATIA V5 analysis users with a set of tools dedicated to producing hexahedron meshes.

Main features

Manual meshing


Meshing operations on nodes:


  - creation by coordinates, by selection of an existing node or by transformation of existing nodes
  - deletion of nodes
  - modification of position by specifying new coordinates or by applying a transformation
  - condensation on destination nodes


Meshing operations on volume elements:

  - creation by selecting nodes, extrusion of faces of element or transformation of existing 3D
  - deletion of elements
  - splitting of hexahedrons


Full support of spec – update paradigm:

  - “Manual Mesh Part” feature used to group manual operations
  - each manual meshing operation is captured in a feature
  - possibility of selection of advanced nodes and elements enables the stability of selection during the updates

Semi-automatic meshing


Three families of capabilities:

  - mesh part by operators to modify the result of a 3D mesh part

  - meshing by transformation of an existing 3D mesh (including symmetry)

  - meshing by extrusion of an existing 2D mesh


Very flexible input specifications:


  - input mesh selection by mesh part, group, BRep or mechanical feature

  - implicit geometry characteristics can be used (e.g. the axis of a cylindrical face)

Supported transformations are translation, rotation, offset, along a curve and projection


Mesh capture with a tolerance


Uniform, arithmetic and geometric layer distributions


Symmetric layers

CAA V5 Programming Software Development
représentation graphique de l'intervention du produit HEXAMESH
repésentation de l'intervention de HEXAMESH dans catia V55

Automatic hexahedron meshing

Uses the fully automatic hexahedron mesher KUBRIX


The mesher takes as inputs either a selection of geometries or a selection of triangular meshes


The resulting mesh is associative to the input geometries and can be transparently used in GPS


A local mesh size can be specified using a box



Full integration with GPS
Support of journaling
Access to all capabilities via VB Scripting
Full integration with KnowledgeWare

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