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Domains of expertise


Carving out a true culture of pioneering and technical innovation, DPS offers a unique set of complementary skills and services on a large range of modeling and digital engineering domains. We provide best-in-class engineering services at any stages of the product development process and lifecycle with a view to establishing true digital continuity within our clients' processes.


The versatility of our technical teams, engineers or consultants and their abilities to dig and innovate on their different projects have been appreciated by our customers for more than 20 years.


And as the efficiency of product and system development processes and organizations has become a key element for the competitiveness of companies, DPS develops, offers and supports many methodologies and engineering tools which will definitely meet your engineering needs and encourage you to boost your future digital transformation projects with us.

Prestation Conception produit CAO CATIA


From traditional product design way-of-working to more innovative smart-design process based on knowledge or generative design, our CAD and CAM experts can support you during critical stages of your projects from the first drawings to production and assembly of the product.

DPS also pays particular attention to your specific product design framework to provide the appropriate level integration or interoperability between your design, simulation and optimization processes. We offer you innovative and best-in class integrated methods that will allow you to gain in efficiency and ultimately reduce your development costs.


Your DPS assets :

  • Simulation-driven Design

  • Knowledge Based Engineering

  • Generative Design

  • “Smart Component”

Product Design


Simulation-driven methods are now adopted by a large number of manufacturers and engineering companies to speed-up design and ensure compliance with requirements.

Built upon more than 20 years of experience in digital engineering, DPS can bring you support for an efficient implementation of these methods, tools or codes for them to become a real lever for a better development of your products.

Our expertise covers a large range of engineering domains, physics and technical skills: from legacy structure, material, computational fluid dynamics (internal and external flow) domains, to the most-advanced simulation capabilities for additive manufacturing processes or electro-magnetic phenomena (CEM, antenna).

In the context of our consulting and change management activities, we bring appropriate support to our customers for a rapid and goal-oriented adoption of these methods regardless of their initial level of maturity on those topics.


Your DPS assets :

  • Multi-physics: FEA, CFD, MBS, CEM …

  • CAD-CAE interoperability

  • Virtual testing

  • Pervasive simulation



DPS offers you state-of-the-art competences and skills to model and simulate the behavior of increasingly complex systems on a large range of physical-domains.

Our technical expert are able to model, simulate and optimize the behavior and interactions between systems and sub-systems. Mechanical, electrical, mechatronics, thermal, hydraulic, thermodynamics, air conditioning (HVAC, we use general purpose, dedicated software or implement a co-simulation approach to analyse system from multi-displinary perspectives.

Our system modeling and simulation activities are conducted in consistent ways regarding model-based system engineering approaches and model-based product development processes in order to select and implement the right model and simulation activity during the different stages of the development process.

DPS also provides best-in class services to architecture and develop component libraries that will allow you to capture the complexity or specificity of your systems and securely share the information with your customers or co-development partners.


Your DPS assets :

  • Model Based System Engineering (MBSE)

  • Functional /Behavioral simulation

  • Model Exchange - Co-simulation

  • t library development

Systems Modeling


Simulating the HMI behavior on embedded systems as early as possible makes it possible to anticipate and understand the end users experience and thus to design the most suitable HMI systems.

Our systems engineers develop Human Machine Interface models and simulations for on-board equipment such as multimedia systems for the automotive industry or secured telephones in security and defense applications.

Those digital models are developed with specific tools including EB Guide, ALTIA, and are intended for automatic code generation and HIL application.

ADAS modélisation IHM tableau de bord - EB Guide
HMI Development
Expertise Optimisation Plan d'expérience Topologique Morphing Sensibilité


Develop optimized designs and reduce your engineering costs by getting rid of iterative design processes.

Combined with the use of numerical simulation methods, DPS implements smart-optimization techniques that help you strike the right balance between product weight, performance and cost.

Applied early in the development process, digital optimization methods allow you to meet and exceed your performance goals by designing lightweight products earlier, instead of reworking them later.

To meet your optimization targets, DPS offers you best-in-class optimization approaches among a set of proven and constantly improving optimization methods and codes: structural optimization techniques such as topology optimization or geometry direct morphing, parametric optimization or sensitivity studies based on Design-of-Experiments techniques and high-performance exploratory optimization algorithms.


Your DPS assets :

  • Simulation-driven optimization

  • Structural optimization (topology, morphing, …)

  • Numerical optimization

  • Process integration - MDO



The collection, structuration, refinement and exploitation of data from their engineered product and systems or even from company KPIs have become essential capabilities to optimize and accelerate the design of increasingly complex products and systems in competitive environments.

While industrial companies are adapting their own organization by creating new Data Sciences departments to leverage their products development process or even to bring out new usages to their customers, DPS offers specific consulting services to support such on-going transformation.

We provide high value-added skills in the traditional field of product engineering and mechanical systems but also to new growth sectors related to IoT application, Industry 4.0 and more generally to the Digital Twin domains.

For example, we apply surrogate models, propagation of uncertainties and graph-based techniques to manage and operate on complex fully or partially structured databases or to specify the programming of dynamic analytical dashboards supporting decision making processes.


Your DPS assets :

  • DOE / Sensitivity analysis

  • UQ & M

  • AI & ML

  • Graph-based engineering

Data Science DOE Graph-based engineering | Prestation Service
Data Sciences
knowledge gestion connaissance EKL 3DExperience specialist | capture & reuse


Leverage and secure your know-how!

Knowledge engineering is a scientific discipline in itself. DPS has historically developed a specific expertise in this field of application by connecting the domains of product engineering, modeling and simulation.

To capture, to structure and disseminate knowledge within multi-business, multi-software engineering processes require adapted ways of working and methodologies that DPS can offer and adapt according to your needs.

We rely on proven methodologies and processes based on in-depth analysis and audit of the existing situation, interviews with domain experts in order to help you capitalize and build upon your knowledge, your product lines and engineering know-how.


Your DPS assets :

  • Knowledge-based engineering

  • Knowledge capture & reuse methodologie

  • Knowledge dissemination

Knowledge Management


You want to increase your productivity, eliminate errors in the execution of your daily work by relying on standardized processes, DPS offers you best-in class scripting and automation skills for a large set of CAE software applications and programming languages.

We also provide software engineering services to develop your own and specific digital tools that will support the design of your unique products.

Relying on proven software development approaches (CMMI, AGILE, continuous integration, etc.), we support you from the very first stages of software specifications, with technology and frameworks selections that will guarantee performance of your future tools in accordance with urbanization policies and practices.


Your DPS assets :

  • Process capture

  • Scripting and process automation

  • Vertical solution implementation

  • Software customization

  • Plug-ins development

  • AGILE development process

Developpement programmation | expertise prestation service | Java C++ C# .NET Python Agile
Software Development
Transformation digitale - Jumeau numérique - SPDM PLM MBSE | conseil service consulting


While the process of digitalization is accelerating at any levels of the companies and their ecosystem with the integration of customers, suppliers and partners, data are simultaneously becoming more and more fragmented and dispersed within many engineering silos, database and models.

DPS offers you suitable methodologies and tools that will enable you to guarantee a better or improved digital continuity throughout your product development and lifecycle management processes.

We overcome (and adapt when required) the methods and technologies of PLM, which allow engineering department to collaborate around the digital mock-up as a single source of truth. We bring consultancy or best practices for a practical and successful implementation of MBSE (model-based system engineering) approaches.  We provide efficient methodologies to manage configuration and change as well critical simulation processes and data (SPDM).

From preliminary design stages to virtual, physical integration and operation phases, DPS engineers and consultants make our clients' vision a reality by implementing the appropriate level of Digital Twins concepts.


Your DPS assets :

  • PLM - Digital Twin

  • Configuration Management

  • Digital Thread

  • Standardization

Digital transformation



Specify the right system and design the system right!”

Products and systems are becoming more and more complex and inter-connected and have to meet increasingly stringent requirements and development in shorter development time and reduced time-to-market.

To respond to such growing complexity, the traditional systems engineering methodologies which were developed and applied historically to critical systems can be and should be extended to all product development processes, whether they are electronic, mechanical or at the junction of the two worlds through mechatronic applications.

While adoption of modeling and simulation approaches and digitalization of processes are accelerating, System Engineering methodologies are evolving and moving towards model-based engineering, from upstream formalization and refinement of requirements to the development of technical specification for detailed design phases.

We provide model-based system engineering (MBSE) approaches in response to our customers’ requests and requirements as they want to manage their systems specifications and architecture process in a more efficient way. We enable engineering and multi-disciplinary trade-off by leveraging modeling and simulation whenever and wherever they can support the decision process with regard to requirements.

DPS value proposition in the domain of Systems Engineering naturally fits with our consulting and services portfolio and expertises for digital engineering.


Your DPS assets :

  • Model-based Requirement engineering

  • Best-in class software platform

  • Trade-off management

Systems Engineering
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