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Digital Product Simulation offers a wide range of services in the areas of :

  • Design and Numerical Simulation

  • Multi-physics Systems Modeling

  • Embedded Systems and User Interfaces Implementation

  • Software Development

CAD Design CAE Simulation Simulia Dymola Expert

Design and Numerical Simulation

DPS is recognized for its know-how in the areas of Design, Simulation and our specific ability of integrating them seamlessly all the way through an engineering project. We bring our expertise and innovation skills to solve our customers’ most complex issues.

DPS skillset include:

- Numerical Simulation and Optimization

- CAD/CAE Integration

- Knowledge Management and Engineering Collaboration

- Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Systems Modeling Simulation

Systems Modeling and Simulation

DPS engineers are experts in complex systems modeling and simulation. We offer services to model therefore evaluate and optimize interactions and dynamic behavior of multidisciplinary systems:

- Mechanics

- Electrical

- Mechatronics

- Thermal, hydraulics

- Thermodynamics, HVAC…

User Interface Embedded Systems Code

User Interface / Embedded Systems

Our engineers develop models and simulate user interfaces for embedded systems such as automotive dashboards, secured GSM or multimedia systems.

Those numerical mock-ups are implemented using software like EB Guide, RapidPlus or ATLA. They aim at automating code generation as well as to implement this code within the hardware.

We develop interactive user interfaces for cellphones and tablets.

Software Development Visual Basic VBA VB.Net CAA Dassault

Software Development

We develop vertical applications to address our customers’ specific needs. We can handle the development of an entire specific application : project management, software architecture, coding, unit and functional tests, user & developer guides and maintenance.

We provide a large skillset of coding including C, C++, Fortran, Python, VB.NET, WPF or JAVA. We also have a strong expertise in developing applications fully integrated to CATIA (CAA, VB), SIMULIA (Python, C++), ANSA (Python) among others.

Modelica Dymola reseller

DPS engineers develop Modelica components libraries for our customers or their specific project needs while integrating their specific know-how.


These libraries are compatible with Modelica-based software, especially DYMOLA.

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