DPS offers a wide range of software products for design and digital simulation for collaborative design, meshing, calculation, co-simulation, optimization ...

DPS delivers a set of analysis and simulation software products fully integrated in CATIA V5. These products are entirely developed using the CAA V5 development environment.

DPS Inc. is a value-added reseller of the software DYMOLA in North America from our partner DASSAULT SYSTEMES.


Knowledge management

KARREN is s a tool independent software framework to enable knowledge capture and reuse for efficient and dependable behavior studies across multiple disciplines.  KARREN brings significant cost and time savings, especially for the development of complex systems.





Set of tools to generate hexahedric meshings

A manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic hexahedron meshing environment: provides with increased productivity engineers who require the quality of hexahedric elements for their applications.




ANATOLE 3D provides solutions to the following issues:

  • Help for tolerancing

  • Quality control for assembly design

  • Tolerancing optimization vs production's cost & quality

ANATOLE 3D is fully integrated to CATIA digital mock-up and FTA module.




Modeling and simulation of multi-physical  complex systems

DPS is a Dassault Systemes partner and reseller of DYMOLA software.

Dymola is a design, modeling, and simulation solution for complex systems, based on the Modelica language, defining and optimizing dynamic behavior and complex interactions for complex models.





A tool aimed at providing CATIA V5 users with specific capacities for generating and meshing medial surfaces of thin structures. MID SURFACE MESHER enables users to obtain a simplified model with medial surfaces from a volumetric CAD.



Set of CATIA V5 interfaces with Finished Elements solvers

A set of meshing tools and FEA gateways:

  • Manual Meshing & advanced pre-processing tools

  • Bidirectional Gateway to NASTRAN

  • Bidirectional Gateway to ANSYS

  • Bidirectional Gateway to IDEAS



FEM Utilities provide additional meshing functionalities fully integrated within CATIA V5 environment such as:

  • Manual meshing

  • Renumbering (nodes, elements...)

  • Orphan mesh associativity

  • Various grouping capabilities


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