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Webinar: Dymola version x2020

Learning all about systems modeling with Dymola x2020 !

Christophe BAROUX - Digital Product Simulation
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 Webinar : Dymola version x2020

" Novelties and enhacements in the multiphysics modeling and simulation software DYMOLA "

DYMOLA is a software developed and maintained by DASSAULT SYSTEMES. DPS is the value added reseller for the solution both in the United States and France. DPS technical expertise in numerical simulation has been recognized throughout the years by our customers to whom we are bringing consulting and support.

Dymola is a software enabling modeling and simulation of multiphysics complex systems. Dymola provides a user-friendly graphical interface to create models as well as a symbolic numerical solver to simulate complex systems.


The new version of Dymola has just been released. This release entitled 2020X provides enhancements that enable more intuitive modeling as well as more efficient simulations, especially time-wise. In addition, Dymola expands its scope with three new component libraries addressing industrial process simulation.

 Brand New User Interface (GUI) :


  • Upgraded and more intuitive

  • Easy access to applications and key functionalities

  • Adapted to a natural modeling workflow


  • Better performances for large models translation and initialization

  • Simulink FMI Kit available through GitHub

  • Annotations handling has been improved

  • Pedantic Check availability within GUI

Component Libraries Updates:

This webinar will present all those imporvements interactively and whill showcase use case examples within an industrial context.


This webinar is intended for:

Engineers, Researchers, Engineering Managers

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